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Here you can find Computer Info for Beginners, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3 + 4 Custom ROM lists, and a few things related to Health & Lifestyle. Thanks for visiting.

Building Computers

Click below for a Quick Introduction to Building Computers.

Image for Building Computers [Computers for Beginners]

Computer Maintenance

Does your computer sometimes seem Slow, Busy or Unresponsive? Click below for some Tips to Help you Speed Up your PC.

Image for Computer Maintenance Tips [Computers for Beginners]

Free Security Software

Click below if you are looking for free Security Software for your PC.

Free Security Software [Computers for Beginners]

Web Browsers

Are you Experiencing the Web the way you want to? Click below for some of the different Web Browsers you can use for Windows.

Web Browsers for Windows [Computers for Beginners]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Click below for a few Windows Keyboard Shortcuts. Would you like to Browse in Fullscreen? Try F11.. Need to Search for a Word? Try F3..

Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows [Computers for Beginners]

Free Office Suites

Click below for some of the Free Office Suites available for Windows.

Free Office Suites [Computers for Beginners]

My Take on has been an easy way to learn quite a few programs - just by following their step-by-step video tutorials..

Shortcut thumbnail to My Take on Online Video Tutorials & Training


If you're looking to get Healthy, consider following the journeys of people like this:

Health is.. Feeling it!Durianrider - Link to Durianrider pageDr. Douglas GrahamDara

Raw Food

Many people are switching to a Raw Food lifestyle. Click below to find out more.

Image of a fruits and vegetables. Shortcut to Raw Food page.

Why People are Going Vegan..

Click below for some eye-opening videos to help you understand why people are going vegan.

Best Speech Ever! - shorcut to Why People Are Going Vegan videos

Hope and Reassurance

Bob Olson from AfterLife TV has done some interesting interviews. If you'd love to believe in an afterlife - Click below for his YouTube Channel.

Image of Afterlife TV on Youtube

Music (Mashups)

Robin Skouteris makes some of the best mashups out there. I couldn't resist but link to his YouTube channel again. (Thank me later.)

Image of Headphones

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