Computers for Beginners


This is a hobby site with Computer Information for Beginners. I also keep an eye on Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3 and 4 ROMs.

Building Computers

Click below for an Introduction to Building Computers.

Image for Building Computers - An Introduction

Computer Maintenance

Does your computer seem Slow, Busy or Unresponsive? Click below for How to Speed up your PC.

Image for Computer Maintenance Tips

Free Security Software

Click below if you are looking for free Security Software for your PC.

Free Security Software for PCs

Web Browsers

Are you Experiencing the Web the way you want to? Click below for most of the different Web Browsers you can get for PCs.

Web Browsers for PCs

Keyboard Shortcuts

Click below for Keyboard Shortcuts. Many browsers can go fullscreen.. F11. You can search for a word.. F3.

Keyboard Shortcuts for PCs

Free Office Suites

Click below for Free Office Suites available for PCs.

Free Office Suites for PCs

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